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*PATENT PENDING* StrobeStopper is the world’s first wiring harness, designed for LED Trailer lights. The design is easy to use and can transform your trailer lights! It plugs directly into most truck outlets (typically a 4-PIN or 7-way), and then directly into the trailer. Once attached correctly, the device causes your trailer brake lights to blink rapidly, then stay solid, after catching the attention of the drivers behind you MUCH faster!

*DESIGNED WITH SAFETY IN MIND* “Rear-end crashes are the most frequently occurring type of collision, accounting for approximately 29 percent of all crashes and resulting in a substantial number of injuries and fatalities each year.”-The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2007.

*PEACE OF MIND-*StrobeStopper is designed to help decrease your chances of becoming part of these statistics! Whether it be your Camper, Horse Trailer, or even just the flat trailer with that 1969 Corvette on it. A rear end collision is not only dangerous for you and your passengers, but also an inconvenience.

*PLUG AND PLAY* Anyone that can hookup a trailer, can install the StrobeStopper. It takes only a matter of seconds to increase your visibility when stopping, which in turn will give you a little extra piece of mind.

*4 FLAT Variation* The 4-Flat StrobeStopper is common on smaller trailers without brakes. Examples include small boats, utility trailers, or Jet Ski trailers. Our 4-Flat is about 13 inches long, so it can also serve as an extension for that trailer wiring that just barely makes it to the truck.

*7 WAY Variation* The 7-way is your typical RV size hookup, for things like Horse Trailers, Pull Behind Campers, Large Utility trailers, and more. The 7-way is approx 4 ft long, good for extending to 5th wheel hitches too! Protect you and your assets today!


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