Is it legal?

It is Buyers responsibility to check local laws and ordinances, before using StrobeStopper on public roads. KraftySolutions LLC is not responsible for any actions during use, as this is a device to promote safety, however nothing can completely prevent accidental collisions. With that said, The legality of it varies state to state. Some states are very pro-active at updating old laws, and others have not changed since the car was invented. Laws also change on a day to day basis, so it is best to research in the area you plan to use it. StrobeStopper is very similar to the strobing 3-rd brake light on many of the newer cars. But is very easy to install/un-install if necessary.

How do you install it?

We designed this to be simple. If you can put a plug in an outlet, you can install the StrobeStopper!

Click here for a short video.

The turn signals and brake lights are wired the same, how do they work with StrobeStopper?

There is a built in safety feature that limits the amount of times the lights will strobe in a given time frame. This allows the turn signals to Strobe 1 time, then go back to normal operations as you would expect. Click here for a short video.

It was working one day, and stopped the next, what should I do?

First, look at the wiring on your trailer and confirm the lights are working. The StrobeStopper uses what the tow vehicle system is sending out. If they are working, contact us for a replacement (We want to know what went wrong too!)

Will this work with older trailers?

YES, as long as everything is properly wired, and you have upgraded to LED lights, the StrobeStopper should work flawlessly.

I barely see the lights strobing, is that normal?

No, be sure you have LED lights – Incandescent lights cannot turn on and off fast enough.

I smashed it with a hammer, and now it doesn’t work, is that covered?

Unfortunately abuse/neglect will void your warranty. StrobeStopper is designed to withstand harsh conditions, but does have a breaking point!