About StrobeStopper

StrobeStopper increases towing safety, to help prevent Rear-End Collisions! It is designed for LED Trailer lights that anyone hauling a trailer can install effortlessly. You simply plug one end of the harness directly into the back of the tow vehicle (typically a 4-Flat or 7-Way), and the other end into the trailer. Once attached correctly, the device will make your trailer brake lights blink rapidly, then stay solid after catching the attention of the drivers behind you MUCH faster!


We have designed the StrobeStopper to be truly Plug and Play! Anyone that can hookup a trailer, can install the StrobeStopper in a matter of seconds to increase your visibility when stopping, and give you a little extra piece of mind. StrobeStopper comes in two different variations of the harness: 

  • Our 4-Flat version is common on smaller trailers without brakes, such as small boats, utility trailers, or jet ski trailers. The 4-Flat measures in at 24 inches long, so it can also serve as an extension for that trailer wiring that just barely makes it to the truck. It is made with the same 18G wiring as most trailers currently use.
  • The 7-way is used for Heavy Duty Trailers such as Horse Trailers, pull behind Campers, large utility trailers, and More. The 7-way is close to 50 inches long, good for extending to 5th wheel hitches too! The 7 way uses the RV Standard wiring schematic, and is wired using 14G, 12G and 10G wiring.

KraftySolutions is committed to quality. All of our products are hand inspected before shipping. If you have any issues with our products, be sure to contact us directly at: Support@KraftySolutions.com

Please note: StrobeStopper’s Patented computer module is designed to work with LED trailer lights (not with the older style incandescent lights as the filament inside cannot heat up as fast as LED lights do). Remember to check local laws and regulations in your area to be sure you are staying compliant.

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